Merge two docs or copy one doc into another

Coda does not have a merge doc into another doc feature but sometimes I do see people wanting to combine doc or templates. The way to do it so you keep formulas and view relationships intact is to take the doc you want to copy and cut and paste everything into one section. Then you copy that section over to the new doc and break it down into sections you want.


This is a big issue. We need an easier way to achieve this pls…


Isn’t this just moving content within 1 doc?

How do you copy content from Doc1 to Doc2, or place Doc1 within Doc2 (Docs in “My Docs”)?
I understand re possibly losing links (et al Excel), etc, but formatting and functions all seem to get stripped too.

I’m genuinely puzzled how, given Codas seeming purpose, this is a missing feature.
Please let me know what I’m missing!