Restore Old Version instead of copy paste!

Surprised I couldn’t find this, maybe it does exist though.

Currently it appears you can only make a ‘copy’ of an old version from the version history.
This means you have to share this new copy with everyone and switch to it, or copy paste the data from it. However when I tried copy pasting, it didn’t really work that well / this is definitely confusing.

You should just be able to restore old version like most programs…

Worried about this now.



Also showing a simple commit message next to the timestamp to identify what was changed would help a lot. When something breaks I find myself clicking through many versions until I find the correct one to restore.


+1 this.

I have lost a few playground docs already because they crashed and could not open again. Restoring an older version is only possible as a new doc.

And what if it’s not a playground doc, but a serious one? Imagine losing a production doc, with Zapier integrated etc, shared with the clients of the business that’s run in that doc? Setting everything up again in a doc copy and sharing it with all parties involved would be a nightmare.

CC @Krunal_Sheth


Well said. This is exactly the issue if you were wanting to use coda for something more formal. Basic function needed for any enterprise software.