Line break are gone when Copy words and pasting it to windows notepad or other word processing

when i’m copy my article from coda and pasting it to a basic windows notepad,
the formatting of the article are all gone,
the line break are all gone, it become a complete mess

i use other word processing & presentation app a lot, but everytime i paste something,
it become completely unusable, and i don’t have all the time in the world to add line break one by one,
it’s completely unecessary

is there any solution for this?

I copy and paste from Coda all the time (I use it to write fiction novels) and I have not had that experience. Maybe I’m not understanding your issue, though.

Is there NO formatting carrying over? Or a particular type of formatting (paragraph indent, manually set tab, etc)? An example would be very helpful.

To be sure it still worked, I just took a chunk of text which included a bullet list and a few paragraphs and it pasted perfectly into a google email, yahoo email, Microsoft notepad, and Libre Open Office Doc.

i thought everyone experience the same thing

yes, there is almost no formatting at all.
all of the line break are gone.

hmmm… maybe i should check if there are any bugs on coda formatting setting, or maybe the bugs are triggered by an extension or plug in

Thank you for the assessment

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