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I am brand new to coda, and I am having issues with just “typing text” onto a page. I will start typing and the “/” will try to superimpose on the text. And even if I finish typing a word or sentence, then hit Return (I am on a Mac, using a wireless Mac Keyboard), the word/sentence just disappears, and the cursor just moves down to the next line. Am I missing something here? Issue with Coda for Mac???

This error is in Chrome browser, but when I am in Safari, it does not have this error. Is Coda not compatible with Chrome??

Hi @Justin_Knepper and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I’ve been using Coda on a Mac and Chrome since 2019 and never encountered such troubles :thinking: … This is just to tell you that Coda is compatible with Chrome and Mac :wink:.

I tested with a Magic Keyboard too (just in case :innocent: ) but I can’t reproduce the problem you’re describing :confused:

I don’t have a Mac M1 though, so I can’t push my tests further (as this could also potentially be a Chrome issue)

I would recommend you to contact Coda’s Support directly :blush: (through Intercom… by clicking on the big bold question mark (?) you should find at the bottom right of your screen when you’re in a doc :blush: )

Edit :innocent: : Note that in Coda there’s indeed a /Slash Command menu, which will appear each time you type / on the canvas and it will allow you to create content directly from the menu :

Example :blush:
Typing /table + Enter will open the menu to create a table.

As the/Slash Command is automatically triggered by typing / and if the Command (what follows the /) is not recognise by Coda and you hit Enter, the menu will simply disappear :blush: .

Example : If you type /random sentence here + Enter… The whole thing will disappear (but during my tests, it also opens the right panel Explore)

There’s no way to prevent the /Slash Command menu to open when using the / in a sentence, but it can be closed (before typing anything else) by hitting Esc :blush:

Did you, by any chance @Justin_Knepper used / in your sentence and maybe didn’t see the /Slash Command menu ? :innocent:

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THANK YOU for the quick feedback. Good to know that it should be working (I also have Magic Keyboard), so I will contact the Intercom for further assistance. And I had not used the “/” in my sentence so it is really wierd that it is doing this on me. Hopefully I can get this resolved soon as I would like to see if this is the program to help organize me in 2022.

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