Mouse cursor disappears on light mode (gets blank)


Just like this other member mentionned in this thread Anyone ever have their cursor disappear?

My cursor disappears as well. Or - it gets white on white.

Here is a recording

The behavior is hardly reproducible. What I’ve noticed :

  • the cursor may come back to visibility if I quickly switch between tabs and back to coda
  • the cursor visibility is different if I hover a text or a table
  • the cursor visibility is different if I clic on things or just hover it

I have disabled all Chrome extensions.
I am using Chrome on Windows 11.


EDIT : interestingly, the bug only occurs on light mode.

Still happens to me. Maddening.

Thanks for reaching out to let us know about this issue. This sounds like it might be a bug based on the information you’ve provided. That said, I would recommend reaching out to the Coda Support team by clicking the ? in the bottom right corner of your Coda screen and submitting a bug report with this information. I have also moved your post into the Suggestion Box: Bugs section of the Community.