Presentation mode - Present your Coda docs in full screen

Just released -

For your meetings and presentations, you may want to help your attendees focus on what’s most important - enter Coda presentation mode! To present a Coda doc, click on the present doc icon in the top menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd - Shift - P.

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Very very cool! I can definitely see myself using this!

One q: Is showing the text cursor intentional?


Another q: could I specify hidden sections (or even whole folders) just like I can specify hidden columns? Some sections are just lists of neverending tables

This is great! It should also be called “Distraction-Free Writing Mode” :slight_smile:


It doesn’t seem to be letting me type

Hi folks,

Awesome to have this early feedback on the presentation mode support. This is something we’ve been working as a great extension.

With respect to your questions:

One q: Is showing the text cursor intentional?

This behavior is currently intentional. We blur the canvas but show you the original cursor location. It might make sense to completely remove the cursors in this mode so feedback is welcome. Additionally we hide canvas based comment markup and all collaborative cursors (no more distractions!).

The toolbar is also draggable/movable so you can position it to a spot out of the way. You’ll notice it fades to be almost invisible when you you’re not hovering over it too.

Another q: could I specify hidden sections (or even whole folders)

Not currently supported (this thing is literally hot of the Coda presses!) but something we can considering adding.

It doesn’t seem to be letting me type

When you enter presentation mode, you are in presentation navigation mode so moving around using arrow keys (up, down, left and right) navigates to the next/previous sections. Space will also advance to the next section too. The idea here is that you’re “presenting” as a primary activity so navigation around your document sections is paramount. In order to go into edit mode, simply click on the displayed canvas and your cursor will reactivate (start flashing). You can go back into navigate mode by clicking on the next / previous section buttons on the floating toolbar.

Hope this helps - would love to hear more feedback as you gain experience using this feature within your docs.


Great job! We definitely needed this. Thank you @mallika.

This is great!
One thing I’d vote for is for CARD view MAX WIDTH to be 95% to100% with or without a frame

There are a couple of things about CARD views that could be really useful:

  • allow them to be displayed with no frame - just like tables
  • if for some reason frames are required allow to set frame size and position on screen
  • consider allowing to set number of cards across or ability to set card width
    Being able to move card order is really great and would be even better if more cards where available in one view. Plus it would look great.

Thank you!



p.s. I think the css is .kr-line { max-width: 100%;

Edit mode

Presentation mode


This is a great feature! I know of no other docs or tables app that has a presentation mode. Thanks for being so innovative, Keep it up.

I’m thinking about doing the slides of an actual presentation at a conference with Coda. The interactive charts feature makes Coda especially interesting for this use case.

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Great addition. Would like to request that in presentation mode and Page Alignment set to wide, it should fill up the entire screen. Tables can be set wider, but currently charts have a predefined width and don’t leverage the entire real estate on the screen. Alternatively, it would be great if Page Alignment Options included - Auto, Standard, Wide, Fit (Width), Fit (Height), Fit (Both).