Launched: A more flexible way to present

We originally created fullscreen mode to let you focus during presentations—without the distractions of your toolbar, comments, or browser.

With flexibility in mind, we’ve changed fullscreen to present mode: a way to present with a clean doc surface and keep your browser in view. Need to hide your browser? Just choose the fullscreen option now inside of present mode.

Here’s how it works.

Click the horizontal “…” next to your doc title and select Present to hide your sidebar and comments.

Now, you can switch between browser tabs.

We hope this update makes your virtual presentations a bit less stressful — just remember to breathe!


Okay - now I can ditch SlideBean.


Love it, great work !

Ooh, anyone else notice the chocolate-brown button there?

I’d like one of those too :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear @Ryan_Martens2 ,

This post should give you a direction, pls be aware that the formula is experimental, but it should be stable, while Coda uses it :innocent:

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Looking at the Product Updates page/doc, I believe they just tweaked some CSS for that particular page. Looks like it’s just a red button with tweaked color.