Forcing full-screen mode of a layout

Is there a way to force full-screen view of a layout? By which I mean the viewing mode that Coda calls full screen and uses the full width of the browser window?

I’d like to share a doc with several people who’ve never used Coda and will have a hard time figuring out, when they see my Detail View, to click the three-dot overflow menu that appears at the top-left only when you hover on the view, and then to pick “Enter full screen,” which doesn’t actually fill your screen but does use the browser window fully. For my doc, that full-screen mode will work more nicely than the standard (rather narrow) mode.

Judging from @Paul_Danyliuk’s post a year ago in Add a button to text - or other UI tricks, I gather that this wasn’t possible then. I’m hoping it is now. Or maybe there’s another way to get a wider view of a Detail without using full-screen view? I know that’s been requested many times here.



For me the funcionality will be very very useful, especially for calendar view, gannt timelines, detailed views with list on the left etc etc. I sometime use an OpenWindow action but it seems that the url of the full screen vs the normal view it’s the same so no way to pass a different url as workaround. I know that we have keyboard shortcuts for that, but it would be really timesaving having the full screen mode be actioned via formula, in a button, or directly in a link.

Bumping this topic- urgently needed actually for detail and gantt view.
the layout in “edit” mode is super nice and expansive, and the design “breaks” consistently when it’s rendered in the canvas- the widths shrink, causing all types of issues with the formatting.

counterintuitively, there’s a hyperlink for the fullscreen detail view, but it returns the location for the parent canvas, rather than the actual view. third parties viewing presentation docs on coda shouldn’t have to navigate the lentil menu to try to locate the fullscreen option & presenters optimally would have a bit more control over what they’re displaying. any progress on that?

some similarities with the complex width parameters for the gantt- a little strange how the dimension of the overall frame is tied to the time duration selected, I think it should be possible to address those parameters independently.

take a look at this post for examples of FULL SCREEN dialogs