Is there a way to see cards on full screen width?


I really fell in love with Coda! Only one thing that I can’t understand is how to make my cards view to fill the whole area of the doc. See on the picture. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Dear Pavel,

Welcome in the community, you are on the right place :handshake:

To my best knowledge it’s not possible to make the cards bigger.
If it’s workable for you, check out the detail view and make it full screen at the right to corner.

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Hey @Pavel_Borisov,
That’s not only a problem related to cards, but it’s a common problem for objects/charts in general.
Apparently they don’t adopt themselves to the screen area, and/or, if you want, they are not fully responsive and aren’t resizable.
There are a few threads around this topic included in some wish lists/ features requests if you search for it…
Hoping the product team from Coda will take this up soon…

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