Error in Korean alphabetization

Recently, bugs often occur when I write Korean in coda.
(There was no problem a few weeks ago.)
The phenomenon of double consonants is beginning to occur.


I have the same problem in Chrome and Edge, but not in FireFox.

If ‘가나다’ is the text I want to write, ‘ㄱ가나다’ is written in coda.
Korean character is a combination of vowel and consonant component.
For example, ‘가’ is a combination of a consonant ‘ㄱ’ and a vowel ‘ㅏ’.
The first consonant ‘ㄱ’ is added twice by inputting ‘ㄱ’ once.


Yes, it make our company hard to use Coda.

I am worried that if the decision to apply Coda to our work is hasty or not. because our team member complain me about Coda’s weak Korean (or CJK) support.

I am big fan of Coda and Coda’s powerful table and formulas feature and that is the reason I decided to apply Coda to automate our company’s work.

so I feel sad when I meet the opinion or repulsion for Coda in my company. when I meet similar problem I says “they realize this problem and they will solve it soon, so please wait few days” to my team member.

I hope I can depend Coda on my company.

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