Unwanted cursor moving when typing curly/square braces on formulas

I’m experiencing a quirky behaviour since today… :thinking:

When I type inside a formula text box curly braces ({}) or square braces ([]) - but it does not happen on round braces - my cursor goes at the beginning of line.
Even if I move again in the right position, whenever I type those braces it keeps on getting there… and it is really annoying.

It happens both in columns and in unnamed formulas.

Try, for instance, inside Format(""), when typing “{” inside quotes I actually get {Format("")

Mac OS X
Both on Chrome and Safari.

Ok, apparently it was my issue.
I did extensive tests in order to see if it was related to Coda only (tried several other applications web and non web-based) and it actually was…

But I finally restarted the computer and it’s not occurring anymore.
Weird… but OK.