Unwanted autocomplete when typing formulas?

One issue I have with the Coda formula editor is that autocomplete wants to suggest/enter stuff when I don’t want it to. While I experience this issue fairly often, I have usually been more interested in writing the formula versus trying to document the issue. Here is an example that I finally caught.

Here is my formula as I was in the middle of typing it. You can see that my cursor is just to the right of the highlighted closing parenthesis. (I wish the editor had line numbers!)

I then typed a single comma.

And autocomplete added in its suggestion, which I don’t want.

I want to press enter to move to a new line, but that just finalizes the pill that I don’t want. So then I have to go back to delete the unwanted pill.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do you have suggestions for dealing with this?

I don’t see myself changing the order in which I type formulas. I type formulas based on how I think through the logic, and that means typing the formula in chunks, not top to bottom.

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Agreed, this could receive some love, had a discussion here as well


I think this is a slightly different issue because that topic appears to be about typing in canvases. My issue is when typing in the formula editor. Autocomplete for typing in the formula editor should be very different from autocomplete in a canvas. For example, when typing a formula, straight quotes should never be automatically converted to curly quotes.

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