Better formula editor

Some formulas in Coda can become complex. As they become more complex they become less readable. I would like to see the ability to format formulas using line breaks, comments and tabs to increase readability. This is particularly important when trying to maintain someone formulas written by others.

Additionally formulas should be created and edited in a much more functional window that allows resizing.

Lastly formulas should be able to be locked or owned by the author so they are not inadvertently changed.


+1 on the ability to resize the formula editor… as big as we want it.

And to reposition it… wherever we want it.

And to decouple it from the UI, so that it doesn’t jump around so much trying to keep up with user scrolling.

And @Jeff_Wright’s other ideas. :+1:

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Hi @Jeff_Wright,

I agree with all of your proposed suggestions. We do have newlines now, see: Formula Formatting - WE HAVE NEWLINES


@Lloyd_Montgomery Am I missing something with this?

I am trying to generate an email from boilerplate text and fields within a document. I do this by Concatenation it all together and it gets ugly. I don’t seem to be able to use Shift+Enter in this as it immediately breaks the formula when I insert one.

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I’m not sure why the formula is breaking. If you post a minimalist example then perhaps I can investigate.


For emails, I’ve used a section of the document for canvas formulas of each piece of the email content. Then I can just pull those into the email button by name instead of creating an extremely long formula.

In this document, Email Newsletter Planning-Sending-Logging, the Email Code section under the Data folder shows where I create each piece separately.

This strategy made it easier for me to edit later on.

+1 desperately need a better formula editor.

My formulas are often getting extremely complex. Writing them in a current editor is very painful. Need the features of adult editors, such as auto-indents and disabling line wraps.