Formulas formatting reset in the Recent Coda Updates

Description of the Problem:

Following the recent update in Coda, many of us have found that the formatting of our manually written formulas has been automatically altered, we’ve discovered some of our formulas have just turned into a block of text. The auto-formatting seems to make the code less readable, stretching the content of the formulas vertically and making it less intuitive.

The example provided below demonstrates how the automatic formatting processes our formula versus how we’d prefer its formatting to be. Our original formatting was far more compact and readable than what the auto-formatting has offered.

Our formula formatting has been reset:

Coda Auto-formatting:

Our formatting solution:

We hope for a prompt resolution to this issue and would be grateful if users’ own formatting wouldn’t be reset like on first screeenshot in the future.

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i have noticed a few cases where my formulas have been reset such that my single-quoted (') literals have become double-quoted (")

this is a problem because i ised single-quotes to enclose text containing doubke-quote characters.

those were modified to /" notation which has mystified clients.

i had to manually re-edit those formulas


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A new problem has arisen, exacerbating the formatting reset.

If comments are used in the formula, then when resetting the prescribed formatting, the entire formula breaks and after // some symbols ‘(’ are also deleted. Example below.

  // Test Comment
     Name, "Mike")

The aforementioned formula is converted to:

RunActions(// Test Comment AddRowData, Name, "Mike"))

symbol ‘(’ was deleted

I got this problem in several docs but not all. In every case it was a formula with a custom pack function or action. Coda must be aware of it; I reported it.