Code Comments breaking formulas in Column Options

Are code comment supported in column options formulas? They seem to break them:

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It’s okay to use multi-line comments /**/.

This has happened to me and is very frustrating. At some point it seems like Coda stripped some newlines from formulas with comments and as a result entire formulas are now commented out (instead of just the comment line).

So suddenly a bunch of my formulas, automations, etc. just stopped working.

Hi Christian - could you provide more details on where the formulas that are breaking are? We’ve fixed a subset of these issues (for example, in the button builder), but are still tracking down some cases.

In the meanwhile, /* */-style comments should work while we get this fixed.

@Arpan_Laha do you think this is the same issue impacting my repro above? that the line breaks are getting stripped?

It’s possible, but would need to see an example to make sure.

Let me know if / how you want me to share my specific doc. It’s happened to me in this same doc in multiple places.

It happened to me in button actions and automations.

I thought I had already fixed this once but it’s happening again. It’s possible I fixed it before y’all pushed your fix, or that I’m remembering a different place it broke.

This case is particularly odd because it also appears that the parser dropped or deleted a parens character.

For example, I had a ModifyRows(thisRow that turned into ModifyRowsthisRow

Image 2023-07-28 at 10.33.01 AM

I suspect it is also often triggered by the presence of apostrophes…
There was one after "grace à l"

/*[Lot existant a été mis à jour grace à l]*/Webhook::TriggerWebhook("", "xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx", hook_type.Value, "update_halssen", hook_contract.Value, thisRow.[Contrat H&L].Reference, hook_invoice_number.Value, thisRow.parent_table.[Référence], hook_row_id.Value, thisRow.[Lot existant].Parent.[Row ID], hook_batch_number.Value", thisRow.[Lot existant].[Numéro de lot], hook_quantity.Value, thisRow.[Reçu])

I had to replace all single line // comment style with /* comment */ in my docs. Lots of wasted time :frowning:

Any progress on the fixes @Arpan_Laha ? Need any other help or reproductions?

Hey @Nick_HE, sorry for the delay in responding - we’re tracking this bug but haven’t gotten to solving it yet. We’ll let you know when it’s fixed or if we need any additional help reproducing it!