Remove Red Wave spelling check in formula?

Anyone knows how to disable the red waves spelling error indicator on chrome (using a mac)

Hi Marc,

Those aren’t spelling errors, they’re syntax errors in your formula.


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What you mean syntax errors, if you hit space it removes the red waves. Not sure about being syntax error.

The formula editor can be a bit pesky/moody when it comes to “long” formula (I’m on mac too) and there’s something it doesn’t like (an error somewhere) in the formula :no_mouth: .

Sometimes, with complex formulas, I don’t even get the syntax error underline… but when I save my formula, it unexpectedly doesn’t work and I have to go back to the formula to finally see the whole thing completely underlined :woman_shrugging:

(I can’t reproduce that behaviour consistently and it can happen in buttons as well as in any live formulas, as soon as they get a bit complicated)

When the formula editor seems to get annoyed, I tend to “reboot” it by saving the formula I’m currently writing in its actual state and re-open it :no_mouth: … It generally seems to help to get a better and more informative error message from the formula editor…
(Quite often, the formula editor didn’t detect that a bracket was missing or there was one too many in the formula before I closed it)

As for this:

It might simply be because the formula editor is waiting for you to correct the formula :woman_shrugging:
I mean, it could be waiting for you to stop typing before searching for errors again …

Got it, yeah most of the time I get those lines even if the formula is fine. It’s good to know it was something that can be tweaked with CSS and stylus.