Building a Formstack Pack

Hey Team,

First of all, great outfit. Those colours really flatter you. I’m low-key jealous and sort of want to be your best friend.

In other news, I work at a music college and, you guessed it, the data management is a nightmare. (le gasp). Naively, I have taken it upon myself to see how many parts of what we do can be Coda-ified (sp?). For many things, this has gone great! Other things, I’ve realized that I may need to get under the metaphorical hood, take a li’l knuckle grease, n’ get-er-done.

Which brings me here!

The college has been using Formstack for forms, and I would love to build a pack for this. The documentation is answering a few questions, but honestly I’m feeling pretty lost. I would love to hear tips or ideas from anyone who has done something similar…or just share some memes of Golden Retrievers in unorthodox situations. I’ll take what I can get.

From the various threads I’ve perused, y’all seem pretty neat! I hope I can answer some questions in the future once I am done hoarding your answers like some sort of question dragon.



Hey @Cameron_Golinsky ! Welcome to the community. It is indeed a wonderfully warm community with lots of people ready to jump in and help.

I have been exactly where you are now only a few months ago as have many Pack builders in the community. I would first start by taking a look at the API documentation - Overview and determine the scope of your pack. They have a list of everything you can do with the API as well - Resources.

I find the sample packs are great for seeing actual code related to OAuth2 (what Formstack uses for authentication) and API calls. You can also see the tutorial guide for OAuth2 inside Coda on the Pack SDK page - Using OAuth2 - Coda Pack SDK.

If I can do it, you can do it. The best advice I can give is open up Pack Studio and just try things. Copy sample code and plug in values. Ask lots of questions in the community when you get stuck. You’ll get there! Good luck!


Hi @Cameron_Golinsky! Nice to meet you - my name is Maggie and I am part of the Coda Success Team, welcome!

I loved Thomas’ post and encouragement and would second all that he wrote. Take a look at the resources and do not feel shy about asking questions, that is what the Community is here for :slight_smile:

Also, have you tried using Coda’s Forms feature yet? You can access the ‘Form Options’ menu by either typing /form in the canvas to create a new form, or by hovering to expose the ‘Options’ menu, and then clicking ‘More’ (next to the Calendar view option) and selecting ‘Form.’ There are lots of different ways to then structure your form, all the while collecting the data in Coda! Learn more here if you have not tried it out already and if you have, would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.



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