Jotform Pack [Need Tester]

:wave: Hey there!

I recently created a Jotform Pack for Coda and need some beta testers!

The only qualification is that you need to have a Jotform account with real forms in use - If you are interested please message me, respond here, or fill out this quick form!

Thank you!!

Jotform GIF Cast

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Hey! I use (well, my staff does) jotform every day. We currently run service requests through it and it pushes to Asana.

Are you looking to have a pack PULL from jotform? or a hook to send prefill data TO jotform? either one i can probably make a use case for.

Right now it just pulls in responses (makes GET requests) and takes any form you have and returns all submissions in a sync table.

If you have someone who could test, shoot me their email and info in a message! Would love to share the pack with them.

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