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Hi Community!

I’m taking a stab at using Jotform because of it’s Save for Later option. Downfalls I’ve noticed with the pack in Coda:

  • It doesn’t pull in form data, only that the form has been submitted (what form and when). Is there a way to actually pull in the actual data from the submitted form or at least basic details (who submitted, etc)?
  • We can only create up to 5 forms with the free version (we’re already paying for several other tools so upgrading probably wouldn’t fly financially for our department)

Are there any other Form packs that would pull in better data from form submittals and/or have a larger # of forms we can create (we need between 6-10).

Also, it would be great if the Coda forms allowed for a Save option so a submitter could go back and finish a form at a later time. It’s easy to use so this feature would be a great addition!

Hey there! You can look at Paperform, typeform and tally forms, all of which have a Coda pack.

But finding a free form builder AND have it offer 6-10 forms along with a save for later option - you are going to be really hard coming by something like that.

Jotform is powerful - and awesome. Worth the money if you really need forms. Other option is Google forms as wel

That being said , I’m the creator of the Jotform pack for Coda and it should be pulling in all your data and submissions. Please let me know specifically what you are noticing it’s lacking and in happy to look!

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Thanks Scott! Yeah…I’m assuming we’ll either have to deal with what the free versions offer or pay up lol

Here’s what I’m getting when I sync the Jotform pack in Coda:

I was hoping that our team could go into Coda to retrieve the actual results of each form submission and hide any columns we don’t need to see offhand, instead of having to go into Jotform for full results.

Thanks again!!!

Oh yeah! The Jotform pack can pull in every response to every form you create really easily

You should see the option to pull in your form responses on the right hand side bar when you are in the packs settings.

I’ll throw a screenshot up next time I’m at my computer!

Hi Jennifer,

I use the JotForm pack and it’s really great. You can bring over all the data from your tables by clicking the expand arrow next to Responses:

From your screenshot it looks like you’re only bringing in the Forms Table, which is something different.

JotForm is also always having sales, so I’d keep an eye open for that. You can sign up for 50% off. You could also try reaching out and asking for a promo code or something!

Best of luck!

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