Form builder with save/continue later option

Hi all!

Which form builders do you prefer to use that has the option “save and continue later” in addition to input table (some call them repeating sections) or similar that the client can expand to include several items as needed.

I am currently using Cognitoforms and I am playing around with Jotform.
Cognitoforms’ export option is only csv and it splits different types of response fields into separate worksheets so that lookup formulas are needed to connect everything in one worksheet and collect the correct information from there. And transferring the data into Coda is a pain somewhere…

Ideally, I would like a form that sends and updates data in Coda to minimize or avoid copy/paste as I do now. I would prefer to avoid Zapier, but I guess that is a long-shot.

Of course, the best solution would be to use the form option in Coda but I do not think that has the “save and continue later” option.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Jotform can do that all!

And it already has a native coda pack

In order to get the whole “repeating sections” thing you need to use a widget in Jotform, but it’s rather easy and I’ve done it in a couple forms.

If you can’t find the widget ping me again! I can’t remember the widget off the top of my head and am on my phone

One more thing - I am the creator of the Jotform pack, so if it some reason isn’t syncing in the data in the way you expect, happy to adjust!

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Thanks for the info, @Scott_Collier-Weir!
I will look into Jotform more thoroughly and see if I can find the widget you mention. Fortunately, I will not need the solution for quite some time yet so I have plenty of opportunity to test (and fail and test again).
I will definitely also check out your Coda pack.

And, :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2: for your excellent YouTube videos! I am a subscriber and a fan. It seems pretty clear that you used to work as a teacher. I hope you keep the videos coming, I learn something new every time.

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Thanks for the compliments! I’ll keep them coming for sure - have a few really good ones planned out. Here’s the latest in case you missed it!

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Thanks! Already watched it twice. :wink:

If this the widget that is called Configurable list in Jotform it is exactly what I was looking for.

Yup! I think that was it

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