New Packs for Jira + Shopify. Looking for testers and feedback

Hey everyone,

We’ve had a lot of requests for these two packs and we’re currently working on them. We’d love for more feedback to help us shape them.

If you’re interested let us know below how you’d like to use the pack (we’d also love it if you could do a 30 minute call with us). Also let us know if you’d be interested in joining the beta test.

PS. Thanks everyone for the other suggestions and threads on pack (I read them all even if I don’t always respond). Keep them coming or feel free to DM me with your ideas.


Hi @Glenn_Jaume,
I would love to join Shopify’s pack beta test group!
Please feel free to DM with the next steps.

Hi @Glenn_Jaume - would love to help with the Jira part.

Hey @Glenn_Jaume ,

I’m all in for beta access and to chat about Shopify. Very intrigued about what type of data you plan to grab through their API!

Hi @Glenn_Jaume, very interested in trying out the beta Jira pack.

I’m building a doc where I am manually bringing in Jira issues. I am linking rows back to Jira by storing the Jira issue id eg prj-101 as in a column.

I Would love to be able to link to issues in a more programmatic way.

I would also be interested in trying out the beta JIRA pack. I have been using multiple packs to utilize the JIRA REST API on google sheet, would love if the same/similar functionality is enabled on CODA (my life will be much better :smiley:)