My first Pack! a super simple Todoist action

I had been using the Todoist Pack (Todoist Pack, extend Coda with Todoist | Coda) but it stopped working for me - just gives errors. I tried contacting the developer a couple times, but got no response. But as I only use one action from that pack, I thought I might try writing my own - and it seems to be working just fine!

This is the first time I’ve tried writing anything like this, and I’m pretty pleased with the result. I know that Todoist deprecated their v1 API last month (I use Make/Integromat, so I found out about the change there), so this is written with their new v2 API. It’s nothing fancy, just a button to close a task. So if the other pack has stopped working for you, too, and you just need a “mark done” button, here you go: Coda Packs extend how your doc looks, works, & integrates - Coda


Also, I’m not sure who to contact about this, but the OAuth section of the tutorial - which uses Todoist as an example - needs to be updated to the new API version. It’s a super easy edit - just change v1 to v2 in the urls. It’s this page: Learn to authenticate with an API using OAuth2 - Coda Pack SDK

I believe you haven’t actually published the pack so it’s only visible for you :slight_smile:

Coda SDK is open source so anyone can create a pull request to change it, just click the edit button in the top right on that page :grin:

Thanks for the heads up on the Todoist v1 API! We actually use it in a bunch of different samples, so I’ll go through and make the updates.

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Oh no! Rookie mistake! :flushed: Should be all published and ready now!

Looks good! Congrats on the Pack!

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