Built a tool to coordinate music festival groups

No super-duper fancy tricks here but I thought it might be an interesting use case. I love using Coda as a lite-app-builder and have built a number of nuclear-powered-mouse-traps for personal workflows or to help friends out.

I’m going to a music festival in Sept with a decent-sized group of friends and their app didn’t have any way to share which shows we wanted to go to, so I made a doc that allowed me to enter our schedule and see who else was going to which shows.

The only really fancy trickery going on here is with the procedural button styling and actions using the Button() formula which isn’t formally supported but this also isn’t a use case where if it stops working the world comes crashing down around us.

I’ve shared this to a few festival groups so maybe we’ll have some new Codans, but feel free to copy and use for your own purposes as well.