Building an app for Cub Scout management?

Hello everyone, new user and first post here! I stumbled across Coda while trying to find a simple free way to keep track of the 10 camping items we currently have, and who has them “checked out”. It seems like Coda would be a great place to do this and I’ve already started building out a simple doc using their template. However, my mind never stops and I keep thinking of things to add! My question is, if this can become an “app”, does that mean that I could basically have different sections where they could click on the button and see our meeting calendar? And then click on another button to see our “Contact list” with pictures? And then click on another button to reserve equipment? See where I’m going? I’m just not sure if it’s possible to do something like this, and also how to do it! Any help or examples to get me started would be great. Thank you!


Welcome @Chad_Oglesbay :handshake:

With some imagination, you can adopt this template to your project.
Credits @benblee

Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets. I’ve already started working with that for the inventory and am slowly figuring it out. I was really trying to see how I could take it to the next level though and make an “app” out of it and contain many other different pieces, such as contact list and schedule.