Physical Tracking of Items w/ NFC -> Coda Implementation

Hey Coda Community!

I wanted to share a fairly novel project I worked on that could have some fun/useful real work applications. In my particular example I wanted to track the usage of my clothing. I did so by affixing NFC buttons to each article of clothing, utilized Apple Shortcuts, and an API call Daniel made to automatically track every wear into a Coda log.

Here is the doc: Automated Wardrobe Tracker

I can see this being used for inventory management to scan items in and out, tracking medicine usage (add an nfc sticker to the top), or other general tracking/logging of items.

It also doesn’t require NFCs. You can also simply add the Apple Shortcuts as a bookmark to your home screen. So clicking on the icon will automatically add a row to Coda, lots of usage possibilities here.


This is so neat, thank you so much for sharing!

I might have to try this for my own wardrobe, but also thinking about how else this can be used in my life to manage inventory in my own business or other items in the home.