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Coda is new to me as is trying to organize myself digitally. I work a full time job as an Elementary Math Specialist and a side hustle of embroidering shirts and patches. I’m trying to find a way to keep up with all of the notes and details for each of these.

My initial thought is a Coda doc with one part having a calendar with my scheduled visits / notes attached to the visit date as well as a kind of tickler file to remind me to do things when I’m at a school or at the office as I know the dates.

For my embroidery, is there a way to track orders and make a list based on conditions. For example, a table of orders that includes a column for blanks to order. If the answer is yes, then the contents of that row will be added to a different table. So I could look at the second table and place my order off of it.

Basically, I’m looking to have an organized brain dump into the different areas of my life that is automated so I can focus on each area instead of trying to remember it all.


Hi @Charissa_Wright !

Great ideas! There are some wonderful templates on our Gallery page that should help you get started with this.

From reading what you are doing I would have the two docs setup separately as two independent docs so you can keep both worlds organized, then, what I would do, is link the “to-do” with the gcal pac and have them both add events to the same calendar, so that you have reminders etc.

For the business, you can create a table of all the data you need for your orders and then just convert the table into a form, and then create a view of that form for your responses. You can publish the form so it’s on the web as well, if you would like. This will allow people to use the form and create orders.

There are a lot of articles as well in our Help Center about how to build out tables and forms.

I hope that helps! Happy Building!!


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