Business Process Management with Coda

I just wanted to give a shoutout to Coda. I managed to set up a business process management template consisting of 3 tables. It’s just overall “wow!” - simplifies my information handling so much. Coda is truly flexible in what you can do with it!

Does anyone have something that they do similar and want to share their setup? Would really appreciate sharing ideas

The overall idea for this is that I can set up a list of templated questions which I can use forever. From each templated question I can create a Question row for a chosen business process and then rinse and repeat whenever I switch to another business process. This way I don’t even need to think about the ideation and reasoning for each business process, and the whole thing becomes clockwork. Imagine thinking about “What kind of reporting is needed and who owns it and what are the desired outcomes” for each new business process, you’d go mad. Templates ftw.

The best thing about this I would say is that I set up the DB with 3 tables correctly. If I ever need to change a Template (say to better the wording), it will be reflected dynamically.

And I’ve yet to do it but maybe I can set up statussing and ownership with this whole set up to grow it from just a personal template to companywide


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