Button automation formula. Please help. Urgent

I have a details view page, in which, when I want to press a button in a particular tab, the columns of that particular tab should be duplicated in another Subpage columns.
And when my work is done, i want to remove that data from the subpage.

How can i achieve that? Please help!

Hello @Chief_Buildr ,

You can use the functions AddRow() and DeleteRows() to just do that - I guess you are talking about the values of those columns, not the columns themselves.

If you share a (dummy) doc that resembles what you are trying to do, we can show in your doc how this is done.

Hello @joost_mineur ,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes i am talking about the values of those columns.

  1. I want to create a select list in the invoice page, wherein, items in the related project only should show. And when i select some items among them, a table of those should be made below the select list.

  2. I want to write a formula for a button to open the related project.

  3. In the printable page, i want to add the items table of that specific invoice which is selected to be printed.

Here’s the link for the dummy doc - https://coda.io/d/_dP-FdqjQUuR/Projects_suiav