Button set to Notify a user doesn't send an email

Hi, I’ve created a button with the action set to Notify the user in my Name column, which is a dropdown where I select any of the users the doc is shared with. I selected myself for this test. When I click the button, I get a notification in Coda, but no email is sent. I have automations set up that send emails, and I get emails when there are new comments on an entry. What am I missing that would prevent an email from being sent through this button? Thanks

I just got an email alerting me to new notifications in the doc, which usually means someone has added a new comment. In this case, there was a new comment, which was given in the email, but then below that were 3 notifications with the message I set up from the button. It looks like I’m not getting a separate email for the button notifications, but they are being added to the email that comes when a new comment is added. Is this the expected behavior? Is there a way to force a separate email when the button is pushed? Thanks

It think it may be working now? I setup an automation to press the button, and when I tested the automation, it triggered and an email was sent almost immediately. Seems odd that the automation triggering the button would cause the email to get sent right away, while clicking the button manually doesn’t send an email at all.

Hey @Lee_Legg1 ! Thanks for taking the time to reach out here in Community. Are you still looking for some help on this?

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Hi Shaina,

I think I’ve got it all working now. I’m not manually clicking the button, so I haven’t noticed any delays. And the client seems happy, so I can’t ask for much more. Thanks!


Thanks so much for letting us know and glad to hear things are working properly! If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to follow up here.

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