Button that appends records to a look up column


I’m starting to see the power of Coda and am interested in using it as a Contact database.

I have been using airtable to receive data from multiple sources, for example if someone fills out a form. These sources are “tagged” with an “activity id” which I use Zapier to add or modify a record in my master contacts. I can then see all the activity records.

What I’ve done so far

  1. I created a doc with both tables, activity (named Log) and contacts.
  2. I created a button that sends the activities to the contact table

Problem is with the Look up column in the contacts table. when the formula fills the look up, it doesn’t “Append” the activity, but replaces it. I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the formula to append.

This is my latest attempt at the button formula:


The part that says “Activities+ID” is the problm. This returns weird brackets and commas that it doesn’t recognize in a look up

Hi @Michael_Holmes,
and welcome to the Coda Community! :handshake:

It would be easier if you could share your doc (or a explaining sample), in order to have a better understanding; you can embed your doc in your posts by clicking the “Share” red button on top right.

Looking forward.

Thank you for your interest:

Hi @Michael_Holmes,
If I correctly understood, the button formula might be something like: Filter(Log,Email.IsNotBlank()).FormulaMap(AddOrModifyRows(Contacts,Email=Email,Activities,Log.Filter(Email=CurrentValue.Email))) (the lookup column should contain rows of the lookup table).

I was wondering if you could obtain the same thing by just grouping the table by email and having a view where you can see all the activities per person.
Is there any specific need to have a total different table for this?

Let me know if it helps!