Creating a button that tallys in a table?

Trying to create a simple button to log calls, appointments, etc that creates a tally in the corresponding table. Can’t seem to find an example or solution. I’ve provided my table as an example. Thanks for any thoughts

With your table setup, you’ll want to filter that table to the “Contacts” row and then reference the “Tally” column. Then you just “+1”, so it will always add one to the value that is already there…


Put that formula in your button “Update Values” section for “Tally”.

You can also change the option from “Add or Modify” to just “Modify” if you want.

Thanks @benblee for the response. I got a little closer. When clicking the button now it inserts the formula. I’m probably messing something obvious.

For a lot of Coda, like formulas in the canvas, you need to type an equals sign first, =, to prompt the formula pop-up. When you enter that formula, you should be seeing this popup and you’ll see the formula items highlighted…


Thanks @benblee for your help. I was still getting an error. Simplified my setup a bit, I was trying to use a separate table as the data set for the actions with goals. Got it going for now. Thanks!