How to create a Tally Counter


I’d like advice in building a tally counter in Coda.

I just want the person to push a button and it tallies each verification that she has completed.

Right now I have it to where the button creates a new row with the date it was tallied and the tally value equalling 1.

I want to then connect the total tallies done on that day to the calendar and match them to the corresponding dates they were done on.

Please help.

I want the total tallies summed up and equaling the related date in the Verification Tracker Table.

Hey @Royall_Headroe !

Welcome to the Community! We have a few resources that might help you with this one. One is this post here, which talks about using the RowID as a type of “Tally”. Also, I there there may be some value to using a subtable here which logs the user and then links the data from one table into the other. Here is a video from Maria on how to do that as well! I hope that helps you with your buildout!

All my best,

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