Button that moves rows up and down

Hey guys,

does anybody know how to create a button that moves rows up and down?

I feel like ive seen this before somewhere but i can’t find it…


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I had a similar need about a month ago - I was interested in making a “Project Iteration Planning” doc where I’d like the ability to move (prioritize) tasks up and down within the the various development sprints.

I was going to use a number column (1.000, 1.002, 1.100, 1.105, 1.200) etc., to organize the positioning of the tasks, but I haven’t had the time (umm, courage), to tackle the idea yet.

Being able to use the typical Text style ordering (1.a or 1a, 1b) etc., would be nice as well - a Numeric (or perhaps just Text) "Position" column w/the table sorting on that column should suffice.

Of course then it’s figuring out how to adjust the Position values per row with the up/dn buttons and having the other rows and table to adjust accordingly…

It would be nice if Coda’s Tables natively supported this UP​:arrow_up: / DN​:arrow_down: widget fashion of row ordering! :+1:

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Hi Jannis,

It is unfortunately not as simple as moving a row up or down, the question is in which sort method do you want to do the up down movement: Table order, entry order, or sort order.

I give a more detailed explanation here: Table Order vs Entry Order vs Sorted Order · Rambling Pete's Formula Reference Manual for Coda

And here is an example where I use the above information to build a button to cycle through a set of rows in a table. Cycle through a list with a button · Rambling Pete's Quick examples



The table would have to be sorted on the Position column since changing the position’s number via the button should resort the table after the button formulas make their adjustments.

The buttons would have to lookup the preceding Position (btnUP) or the following Position (btnDN) values and adjust accordingly. (I’m thinking alphanumeric ordering would just be too much of a complex adjustment thing vs working strictly w\incrementing / decrementing numerics).

Having Coda’s table itself support this kind of up/dn positioning natively would be heck of a nice-kitt fo’sho! Especially if an alphanumeric ordered list style of formatting was also supported…

…I’ve often wished Coda supported a 2-sided, 3-4 (or n-sided) buttons where multiple buttons next to each other would only take up a singular column; each individual button | [a][b][c][d] | would have its own function when clicked!

Def helpful when you have [Add] / [Del] buttons in columns next to each other like I have all the time, etc.

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