Moving rows up and down with buttons

Hi, is it possible to move a row up or down with either an up button or a down button?


hi @Tony_Reid1 ,
I wonder about the use case, would you mind updating on this?
dragging the row via a button to another position seems not possible to me, but change the position in a sorting you can. Use a kind of Index type thisTable.Find(thisRow) and a second column in which you modify the value via + 1 or - 1 using ModifyRows(). The relative position can result in a different sorting.
moving through a table with a back & next button has been explain by @Xyzor_Max and you find his contribution here:

cheers, Christiaan

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Thanks for your reply @Christiaan_Huizer.

The reason for doing this is two fold:

  1. so I can adjust the order when the table is sorted;
  2. so I can adjust the order when the table is embedded in the layout of a detail view.

Lot’s to digest in your post. Thanks to you and @Xyzor_Max.


Hi Tony,

What you are looking for i snot going to be possible. Coda’s sort does not work like Excel sort, one and done.

The Coda sort is dynamic (?) - With that I mean every time that a change is made to a table, the sort is reperformed. If you move a row, Coda is going to sort it right back into its place. Which means that you would need something like Max proposed - a method to change the sort sequence.


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