Action to move a row within a table

There is currently no way to reorder a table programatically (based on sort for example) and then make subsequent changes to the row order manually.

Example use case:

When ranking items in a backlog, it is often helpful to start with an initial ordering based on sorting a column like priority but then move rows manually.

This would be great, we’ve had a little discussion going here :slight_smile:

Thanks Rickard. Unfortunately the solution suggested in that thread doesn’t solve the core issue. For example, references to the rows in other tables get lost as do comments.

This feature should be fairly easy for Coda to add given that there is a feature in the UI to move rows up or down, or to the top or bottom of the table. It’s just a matter of exposing the API as an action. I imagine someone could even implement it in a pack assuming the required calls are publicly available in the Coda API.

I hope they add an action for this as well.

I had it solved with a hack, but this got shut down :slight_smile:

Currently I’m solving this with constructs like this. I cannot drag rows this way (they are sorted by a column, which I calculate) but in my buttons I get to control how to reassign sorting indices to those:

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