Calculate duration based on time (in hours)

I am trying to get total time (in hours) spend per day, currently I have:

  • Login time
  • Logout time
  • Break time
    When logout time exceed 12 AM (00:00), in duration field I see 8 hrs 20 mins ago.
    Value for Login time: 10:20 (AM), Logout time: 05:00 (AM), Breaks 3 hours.
    Formula I am using is (Logout - login - breaks), my expectation was duration be: 16 hrs 40 mins, please help me rectify this mismatchcoda

hi @Shanky , welcome!

Maybe you hoped that Coda would understand that if one logs out earlier than the login time, it must be on an other day :wink: Fortunately Coda makes not (yet ?) these assumptions. What do you think of the below suggestion:

Enjoy your weekend, Christiaan

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Hi @Christiaan_Huizer , thank you so much!
Your suggestion absolutely worked :raised_hands: