Calculate duration since "last played"

First off I have two tables. MasterTable (T1) is a list of game titles. GameStats (T2) is a list of dates with a reference column that lists each game played on that date. Some games show up multiple times in T2, some don’t show up at all.

I’ve pulled the date column into T1 as well so there is a column that shows each date that game was played. So far so good.

What I’d like to do is get a field that will calculate how long it’s been since I last played each game. (Ideally in months) I’m assuming I need a formula that will pull the most recent date from T2 for each game and then using Today() and RelativeDate() to do some funky math, but I’m not sure how to ask it for the most recent date to even start figuring if relative date is right.

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Do you mean something like this?

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Yes that would work splendidly. Just not sure how to get it to look at only the last date and calculate from there when there are multiple dates in the field.

I’ll dig into this when I’m on my PC and can view the formula you used!

Thank you so much that worked perfectly - I’m not sure exactly what it was all doing - but i am happy to say my formula is calculating correctly!

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