Need help with formula - substraction of time

Hello everyone!

I need help with a simple formula (not simple for me hehe). I am trying to figure out how much time it takes for our agents to call a lead (Time To Action column). I had a decent idea of that by using lastmodified-generated on, but this doesn’t take into account the duration of the first call, so it’s wrong by a couple minutes since the stage is only modified after the call. I would need a formula looking like this :

Lastmodified - generated on – time of first call

This would allow us to know exactly how much time it took for the agent to call the lead.

Any help is truly appreciated, thanks🙏

Your formula should work :slight_smile: You can subtract tow DateTime's and get Duration as a result, then subtract another Duration.

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Thank you @Denis_Peshekhonov , it worked! :laughing:

You seem very good at this, think you could help me with this sheet? I wrote what i’m looking for on the sheet:

*Any help is truly appreciated