Do you know any guides/tutorials for Time related formulas? 📖

I am trying to figure out how time formulas work.
I would like to find some basic guide to help me understand these concepts.

I have looked through the community and found explanations for certain situations, but I would like to understand the underlying concepts.

Any suggestions?

Hi Fran

I have just started on the Dates section of formulas in my formula reference manual.

Did you have any specific questions in mind? Or formulas, then I can prioritise create examples of those.


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The main reason I asked this question is because I wanted to create a countdown timer and I found a solution in the Community but it gave me an absurd result.

That’s when I thought I needed to grasp the concept of how dates and times are being subtracted/added to each other.

But it turns out it’s quite simple, I just typed day value in month value’s spot… :blush:

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One just needs to bear in mind whether the formula actually works with date/time value, or the underlying “epoch number”.


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