Event Countdown timer

Trying to create a countdown timer to add to my event details page.
Try as I might I can’t figure out the formula that would spit out ‘Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds’ based on a given day. Lets use 4th of July (7/4/2019) as the sample event date.

Attempting to create without a table aka a free form formula if that matters but I can use a table if necessary as well.

Appreciate the input!
Bit of a newb.

P.S. I read a similar/ older post here but it does not address my issue or provide a solution.

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Dear @Mina_O

Does the below post make sense.

Credits to @jerols :trophy:

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Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets for the share! It’s a bit on the complex side though. Hope Coda team can implement a simple feature for this.
I just need a simple countdown timer or formulae :dizzy_face::grimacing:


Have you tried using EventDate-Now()



Try this. In the doc enter

=Date(2019, 7, 4)-Now()


Thanks @mallika that was it. Not sure how I missed that :woman_facepalming:t5:

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Thanks very much @Nick_J!!