Calendar ideas please

I have an order tracking and shipment tracking doc that I’ve written. I’ve run into one snag and I cannot figure out the best solution.

I want to see a calendar of items incoming. This requires using 2 tables one for orders which have an estimated delivery date and one for tracking which should have a more accurate delivery date.

I can combine the items into one table in various ways BUT here’s what I see.

The calendar stinks for this type of item because everything is an all day event. If you use the monthly view that’s fine. If you use the weekly view it wastes a lot of screen real estate showing the hours for the day. Daily view is also a waste of space.

If I combine my tables easily by setting up a date field and then pulling the fields I want from the other 2 tables and create one field that is a LIST of all the items arriving that day, it looks great in the table view but in Calendar view it only wants to show me the first item.

I tried using “cards” and “board” and didn’t get much further with either of those.

I can use one of these methods and add some fields for week number and week day and week day name and then have the names of the days going across the top and then sort by week number. But that puts all the Mondays going down then Tuesday, etc. and there is no delineation between weeks. If Monday has 1 item for this week but Tuesday has 7 items then the next Monday’s items appear across from this Tuesday’s items. So visually not acceptable.

I could do separate tables this week, next week, etc. with the same card layout using the days of the week. More work up front but visually might be acceptable.

If I use this method then I still have to take all the data from the two tables somehow combine it into one table and that will make a lot of duplicate data.

So. Anyone solve this issue? Have any great ideas?

I tried using Zapier to send the items to a calendar but I hated that. I use O365 and Zapier refuses to acknowledge the calendar I want to use. I could switch it to a Google calendar then pull the calendar view back into Coda for viewing. Might look great but that’s a lot of work plus more pieces to maintain and I refuse to pay the $$$ for Zapier so I have to keep my zaps to the minimum to stay free.

So. What has worked?

If adding the data to a new table is the best option, then what is the best way to get that data into the new table?