Calendar on mobile?

Has anyone managed to see a calendar view successfully on mobile? (IOS)
Testing here - and it seems that it only ever displays as a list,
There are many occasions where this ins’t a workable solution.
Perhaps I’m not setting something up correctly?
I’m wondering if the only way of moving forward for us is automatically mirroring one of our coda calendars on gcal. At least that will help “see” an overview of whats going on when folk are out of office.
Cheers, Brendan.


This is an important missing features on mobile!

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A list is the current way a calendar table is displayed on mobile.

I’m moving this to the “Suggestion Box” so it can be seen as a request for the next calendar version.

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Cool! There’s no hack to potentially display the desktop version?
A list is never going to work for a calendar :wink:

Not right now. Something we’ll put in our notes though!

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at least make it sorted accordingly

If you change from Calendar view to Table view and sort the table there, doesn’t that sort carry over to the mobile list?

I believe this should work, but let me know if it doesn’t.

yes, it does. but table view would be both platforms - mobile and web. So, how to use calendar view for web?

as a workaround is to create separate section with calendar view, but it is already awkward

Sorry, after you set the sort for the table layout, then you should be able to change it back to the calendar view for the web.

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Does make sense! thank you!