Mobile calendar sorts backwards

The mobile view of a calendar still sorts the events backwards. Very frustrating.
I’ve tried sorting the original table by ascending date. I’ve tried sorting the view by ascending date. But when it renders for mobile, it ignores all that and sorts by descending date, so the most distant event is at top, which is crazy. Happens on the original table or on view of the table.
What is the workaround to publish a calendar for mobile users?

For lurkers, my workaround has been to publish the events calendar as a list instead of a calendar. Then I can control the sort to be forwards-in-time. After that, I can present a calendar and title it “calendar for desktop”. Most mobile users won’t scroll down that far?

I wonder if there is a way to control what elements are visible to mobile / desktop? Sorta like css media queries?

It seems an odd sideline to fuss with – publish calendar for mobile – but our organization has events we want the public to know about, and the public (bless their hearts) use phones! (laugh)

I know that a problem in the published version of a calendar, viewed from Mobile platform, sound like a pretty tiny market segment, and therefore not important to fix. After all, the consumers of published content are by definition not paying customers! But here me out:

Many organizations have public-facing efforts: Museums have exhibit schedules, libraries have event calendars, etc. Businesses have more limited but still very wide uses for “publish” like sales initiatives promoted to rep firms, or pricing hike schedules sent to customers.

In all these cases, it’s not practical to ask for consumers of the information create and track a Coda login, even at the free level. In all these cases, it’s to your benefit to keep friction close to zero. THat’s why we have the Publish function.

And in today’s world, like it or not, people are using phones to access websites. I personally hate it, but I can’t stop it, I can only adapt to it. Younger people especially are using phones. Websites that view poorly or not at on a phone get skipped.

This is why a bug in the mobile rendering of published calendars is a problem.