Calendars, Duration, if statements and a riddle

Hi all!

First a quick thanks - the help and guidance that this forum gives is awesome. Just searching thru previous topics, as well as responses from my own rambles has helped me achieve a tonne inside coda very quickly.

So clever codans, riddle me this.

I’ve gone down the path of designing a project management system revolving around a single large table that works well for a fairly complex project I have coming up. (The project really is 26 copies of the same project - its TV so thats 26 episodes!) By utilising one main table and having three types of row (Internal Milestone, External Milestone and Tasks) I’ve been able to get quite a good system going using secondary views, summary tables, lots of filtering and some pretty monstrous (for me) if statements. :slight_smile:

At the moment, the rest of the business runs off notion, but we’ve hit the boundaries of what it is capable of, and it seems like coda is a much better fit.

So I’ve copied the (mostly working) doc for project management into a new working doc, and am setting about trying to turn it into something that works just as well for our short term (think 1 to 4 hour) jobs as the multi-episode TV projects i originally designed it for.

One issue that I’ve come up against is calendars.

Question : Am i right in thinking that one can only have one date set (start and finish/duration) per table in the one calendar? You can have two calendars, but they can’t be combined to look at them at the same time.

Question : If you have two calendars inside notion, can you connect them to google cal and have gcal display them as two separate calendars? I understand the gcal is not a two way sync. I played with sync in the other direction, but the main thing here is trying to get multiple sets of dates in the same view, even if that is using a gcal!

Anyway. That’s all almost an aside. On paper at least I have a schema where I can use just one set of begin and end dates for different things inside the master table, and use an extra column to differentiate different types of dates. So milestones are different to assigning a task to a person at a particular time on a particular day!

However, I’d really like the date end column to auto-fill whenever a type “milestone” comes up. Essentially, these would be all day “events” on the calendar, and from a workflow perspective, it doesn’t make sense for the person running the job to have a date “end” on a milestone. But when booking tasks, it definitely does. (Most of those tasks are 1 to 4 hours long!)

Question : I’m wondering if its possible to have an if statement that if not true, allows the user to input a date into that column, and if it is true, to copy the date from the start date column. I’ve wracked my brain, and can’t figure out an approach. I’m thinking something using an external automation rather than an if statement that you press…

Maybe I’m approaching it the wrong way. Happy to be guided by others thoughts. If it helps, I can build a doc to share which demonstrates what I’m trying?

Many thanks all! Brendan.

Dear @Brendan_Woithe,

I recommend to make it simple, by creating a dummy copy of your doc and share it in the community.
This will be the most adequate way to support you :handshake: