Calorie Counter - Sum Today Values

Hi! I’ve been struggling to make this work. The idea is to log my calories of the day, and automatically at the end of the day having the sum of the day’s calories (in the same table or another place). I appreciate if you have an idea.

Hey @Luis_Oliverio_Ambriz_Garcia ,
this is a very similar question, that might help you.

Instead of the recipe name, you have a date column; instead of ingredients, you have a meal.
In the total column (in the ingredients table there), you need to look for the day instead of ingredient.

If you want to do it in the same table, this should also work, if you just make the total column there :slight_smile:

Does that help you?

Sorry, I think it doesn’t. What I’m looking for is: register calories in a table, at the end of the day sum all the values to get the total of calories in the day, then erase the table for the next day.

I have tried with automation but, after making the addition, if the reference gets deleted, the value will be deleted too.

Hi @Luis_Oliverio_Ambriz_Garcia, where are you logging the sum? If it is via automation and you are pasting a value into a cell then that should not get deleted.

I would recommend having another table and an automation to add a row with
Calories = DailyTable.calories.Sum()

And then the next step in the automation deletes all the rows in the daily table.

Let me know how this goes!

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That’s right but… after deleting the calories in the day, the sum will disappear. How do I keep the value of the sum after deleting the daily calories value?
Thank you!

Dear @Luis_Oliverio_Ambriz_Garcia,

The trick is to use a button that copies the content to a “history table”, simular to this post

Credits to @Krunal_Sheth :handshake:


That may work! Thanks!