Can a checkbox push a button?

I’m trying to track how many times a checkout button is clicked. My understanding is that I’ll need to create a separate table elsewhere to log this event. To record the button click, the button should change a checkbox value to true. Then I’d use a button that watches the checkbox value to become true. When it does, it’ll add a row over in the log table. I’m having trouble figuring out when the checkbox flips to true. The formula I’m trying.

thisRow.[Checkout Toggle]= true, AddRow(Log, Log.[Book Title], Log.[Book Title], Log.Timestamp, Now()), AddRow(Log, Log.[Book Title])

I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but you can make the button do two (or more) actions with RunActions() function, so the button action will be Runactions(ModifyRows(...), AddRow(...))

If you just want a simple counter and don’t need more details (timestamp, etc.) you can add a [counter] column and use ModifyRows(thisRow, [Checkout toggle], true, [counter], [counter] + 1)