Can Coda be used for writing drafts?

So, obviously we can do writing in Coda, but more specifically, does it lend itself to a writing process and workflow?

For example, if I wanted to write draft articles, they would be made up entirely of standard headers and font styles, and images. Nothing too fancy like formulas and buttons and such. Maybe tables.

Now how easy would it be to publish from Coda? Let’s say I wanted to publish or save a Markdown version, or publish into WordPress/Gutenberg, or copy/paste into some other CMS and wysiwyg editor or visual builder, etc etc.

Is it easy to get basic data like this out of Coda for writing and publishing? Or is Coda not really suitable for this kind of thing?

Dear @Guyinpv,

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Coda can be a wonderful writing tool.
Four things need attention:

  1. Text field improvement, with more formatting capabilities.
  2. ‘Section as Page’ enhancement.
  3. Enable capturing utilities, like a web clipper.
  4. RTL writing.
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If Coda took @Ronen_Mayer’s suggestions to heart (and added deeper hierarchical folder management), they would totally win over creative, marketing and technical writers – and journalists – around the world. I love Scrivener, but its syncing solution is 20th-century.


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