Can I change the email address associated with my Coda account?

Hi - I’ve been using Coda with an older email address that I’m not using much anymore. It’s the email address I currently use to log into Coda.

I’d like to switch my account to start using my newer email address as I’m moving everything off of my older email address. How can I do this?

You probably will need Coda support to help. Click on the ? Bottom right of your screen.

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Hi @Ken_Rudin , thanks for reaching out. We don’t currently have a way to change the email address on a Coda account as your identity is tied to your Coda account.

A common workaround is to create a new Coda account with your desired email address, then invite this new account as an editor to your docs. From there, you can transfer ownership of the docs to your new account via the steps detailed here.

Hope that helps!

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