Convert from Google-backed docs to email/password?


I signed up using my personal Google account with Google authentication some time ago.

I wanted to give Coda a test run, and now I’m convinced I’ll pay for a Pro membership. Since I’m personally funding my work preference, I want to pay for a single workspace and segregate work and personal things. Coda becomes my life repo and my life is both work and personal!

Since my signup was through personal Gmail, does it makes sense to convert to a non Google-backed account now? Does it matter?

I’m asking because I saw this same message a few minutes ago when attempting to share with my test Yahoo mail account via the Share option.

Two things:

  1. When I share work docs, I’ll copy/paste the link and send it from my work email account, so this “Share” issue isn’t an issue for me.
  2. There is an option to enter a password and change my login style via the Account security setting.

Happy to hear some thoughts on what it means to be Google-backed. Thanks!

– Joseph

P.S. Here’s an article I wrote on Medium with mention of what I did with Coda.

Hi @Joseph_Pollone,

Great questions!

To change an account from Google Backed to Coda Backed, you can write into support and make this request. Do this from the email address of the account you want change over. You can use the “?” icon at the bottom right of any doc or Coda account page.

If you’re still trying to decide which way to go here, Chris has a great write up of the pros and cons of each here:

If you have a separate work email address that you’ll be signing up with, new accounts will be Coda Backed accounts already.

And thanks a ton for posting that Medium article! I’ll pass it around to the team here so everyone can check it out!

You can also post it in our “Doc Show and Tell” category if you want.

Ah, thank you for the info and that link, Ben. This info solidifies my decision to switch to login/password. I know I saw that article before and this is why I need a life repo! Chris’ opinion makes perfect sense too.

I’ll submit the Medium article to “Doc Show and Tell” soon and am happy to share how I crafted things.

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