Invite non-google user by email

I am inviting my friends to use my app, but I get an error (something about that google docs can’t be accessed by non google accounts) when I try to invite them if their email address is a non-google account email address.
My own login is with my google account and I guess my entire coda environment is connected tot google docs. Do I need to change that first?

Dear @joost_mineur,

I am facing a similar situation and neither I know how to solve this :frowning_face:

Dear @BenLee, would you mind to shred some light on this?

Hello Jean-Pierre,
Sorry for my late reaction - I got snowed under with work. I contacted support and they ‘detached’ my coda-docs from google and that was all there was to it. So far, I don’t see any difference in the way the rest of coda docs work, so I am happy with being able to not make people get a google account just for accessing my docs.